What is on your plate: Food for climate

For thousands of years, before James Cook washed ashore, Indigenous Australians have been eating insects. Found buried at the root of Witchetty bushes in central Australia, Witchetty grubs were gathered by women and children; their high-protein, high-fat value providing sustenance – along with other native insects – to Australia’s first people throughout the passage of time.

I too, have eaten a Witchetty grub. I was seven and it was gross.

Sweetie, my dear, you old bat: How language affects older people

Upon receiving the diagnosis that she had terminal cancer, 90-year-old Michigan woman, Norma embarked on a six-month road trip across America with her son and daughter-in-law. Her Facebook page, which her son set up initially so she could share pictures with friends, has over 200 000 likes and has garnered praise and admiration from people all across the globe, from all walks of life. Norma has lit up social media and news agencies with her courage and her grit. But is this the only reason we are so taken by her?

Maximum to Minumim E01: Dating in a small town

The transition of moving is never easy and leaving family and friends to study or to begin a new adventure, people must forge new friendships and social networks. Often the size of your new home can further compound the adjustment period – if you are used to the roaring megapolis of Shanghai or the sprawling Melbourne suburbs, landing in a quiet little town such as Örebro can be deafening.